Go UMass Lowell Ski Team

So this past weekend is the last weekend of the skiing season of 2006 for the Thompson Division, and UMass Lowell. During this six weeks, I saw 4 races, one of them at Mount Snow half way up the mountain. I took the lift up and when I got off, I almost got smack on the butt from the lift chair! Then I had to walk down the mountain half way through, which was very interesting, to say the least.

Doug Hillman, Mosley’s Dad, took this picture of Polly Hillman and me down by the end of the race, waiting for the racers to come down. Mosley’s real name is Jonathan, but everyone calls him Jonny, which landed him his nickname Mosley – from the famous skiier Jonny Mosley. Now, even his mom calls him Mosley 🙂

After the last race, Polly and I were kinda upset that the races were over because we wouldn’t be hanging out in the ski lodges anymore! But then we realize, there is always next year 🙂

Good job UMass Lowell Ski Team! It was nice meeting you guys and I had fun! 🙂


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