Dartmouth Weekend

This past weekend, David’s ski team (UMass Lowell) had a race at Dartmouth. The lodge is absolutely gorgeous. It has high ceiling with exposed beams and it is always bright in there, unlike a lot of other ski lodges that are always cramped and dark.

Saturday was very warm. I spent the afternoon watching the guys racing down the hill. There was one guy from a different team, skiing down with just a t-shirt and underwear! It certainly looked COLD! I wonder if he won any money…

Sunday was short! When we woke up, it was pouring outside. The team decided not to race because the condition of the mountain. We all went home after that. I wonder if the league actually raced or not because it was postponed til 9am but when we got to Southern CT, the sky just cleared… plus if the team raced, I don’t think anyone would have gotten back in time to watch the Superbowl XL. Maybe that’s the REAL reason why they decided not to race…

Overall, it was pretty fun. Maybe next year, I’ll go and help out on the hand timing stuff…


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