Weekend is Here!

FINALLY!!! The weekend is here! This week has been a very long week at work, and I am very excited about this. This week the ski race is at Dartmouth. Supposely, the ski lodge is much better than the others I’ve been to. Last week, we were at Ascutney, and when I walked into the ski lodge, there is a BIG SIGN that says “Snowdance Lesson Signup Here”. Of course, me knowing nothing about skiing or any winter sport, thought “Snowdance” is some type of dancing in the snow!!! It turns out to be, well, you guessed it, a lift name. The “Snowdance Lessons” are lessons to learn how to ski or snowboard! Silly me!

Speaking of snowboarding, I am thinking of giving it a try next season. I tried skiing but it really just didn’t work out… Maybe I’ll have more luck with snowboarding. Plus I heard it is much easier than skiing.

well, time for trip to NH… Enjoy your weekend and I’ll let you know how my weekend went! see if there is more “Snowdance Lessons”…


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